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  1. Couples Massage
    Relax & reconnect with your loved one during this side-by-side 55 or 80-minute treatment. Finish with an optional toast for two and enjoy sipping on our signature hand-crafted Jasmine elixir with aphrodisiac and uplifting properties.
  2. Deep Tissue (Signature)
    Designed for those who require a greater pressure to reach deeper layers of muscle, tendons and other tissues that serve as problem areas for the client. Schedule our "Signature Massage", and let your therapist know your preferred pressure.
  3. "CBD-Arnica" Deep Relief
    This incredibly therapeutic protocol begins with foot soak using a highly absorbable magnesium chloride and essential oil foot soak for calming the muscles, followed by a 55 or 80 minute massage with organic CBD (THC free) and Arnica infused oil at a pressure catered to your comfort level. This is the perfect package for relieving sore achy muscles and joint pain.
  4. Prenatal Massage
    During pregnancy it's even more important to nourish your body with massage. Appropriate during the second and third trimesters, this massage provides relief from head to toe!
  5. Sports Massage
    Sports Massage is perfect for an athlete that needs a combination of both stretching and massage. This massage may be enhanced with an application of our TR cream, scientifically proven help neutralize lactic acid and enhance recovery after vigorous exercise.
  6. Swedish (Signature)
    Although considered a gentler touch therapy, Swedish massage is a powerful therapy for relieving tense muscles and tightness, improving lymph flow, immunity, and for releasing lots of "feel good" endorphins. Schedule our "Signature Massage", and let your therapist know your preferred pressure.
  7. Body Scrubs & Mud Wraps
    We offer several different body treatment enhancements that can be included as an add-on to any massage service.
  8. Hot Stone Massage
    Smooth, warm, volcanic basalt rock is used to help warm up, relax and soothe the muscles. This may be added on to any massage.

& Medical  AestheticS

  1. Naturopathic Facials
    Slip into serenity mode while your therapist customizes this facial for your individual skin type and needs. Using a blend of organic, wild-crafted products, this facial is an absolute treat for the senses. Includes cleansing, exfoliating, steam and light extractions, facial massage, and a nourishing mask with a hand and arm massage.
  2. customized Facials
    After identifying your skin-care goals, a customized facial is designed to deliver you the results your looking for. Facials can be geared to treat acne, aging skin, dull skin, and more. These facials may include a combination of products from our organic skin care line and our med-spa line to achieve the strongest effects. Includes cleansing, exfoliating, steam and light extractions, facial massage, and a nourishing mask with a hand and arm massage.
  3. "The Quick Escape"
    This 30-min treatment is a great way to enhance your massage or mani-pedi service. This treatment is not a full-facial, but includes a deep cleansing treatment, hydrating masque application, and a relaxing neck, shoulder, and scalp massage. Finish with a deep moisturizing lotion to leave your skin feeling refreshed and your body free of tension.
  4. HydraFacial (Signature)
    The HydraFacial is a medical-grade facial rejuvenation treatment that is similar to microdermabrasion, but without the irritation and abrasiveness. This machine cleanses, gently peels the skin, detoxifies, exfoliates, painlessly extracts oily build up and black-heads, and re-hydrates the skin with hyaluronic acid. Includes LED light application for added rejuvenation and soothing benefits. This 30-minute facial is for all skin types.
  5. Microneedling
    Also referred to as "Collagen Induction Therapy", this highly effective anti-aging treatment can take years off your face, reverse acne and other scarring, tighten skin and erase stretch marks. *Requires a consultation.
  6. Dermal Fillers
    Hyaluronic Acid (HA) is naturally found in all skin cells, and provides volume and hydration. Crosslinked HA can be injected into the skin folds to provide immediate volume and rejuvenation with instant results. This treatment is reversible, and the HA is re-absorbed by the body within 6 months-3 years, depending on the product used. *Requires a consultation
  7. IPL (Intense Pulsed Light)
    Using a non-invasive IPL device, multiple wavelengths of light stimulate the skin’s own healing process. IPL evens out the skin by reducing hyperpigmentation, sun damage, fine lines, large pores, rosacea and broken capillaries. A series of treatments are recommended every 3 to 4 weeks. *Requires a consultation
  8. Selphyl Liquid Facelift
    Using next generation Platelet Rich Plasma (Selphyl, PRFM) naturally derived from your own body, we are able to activate the body's own growth factors and gently inject them into facial folds and wrinkles to powerfully regenerate collagen and renew the skin. *Requires a consultation
  9. PRP Hair Rejuvenation
    This cutting-edge treatment involves no chemicals or surgery, and is highly effective at promoting hair regrowth. We harness the power of your platelets, rich in growth factors, to reactivate and awaken hair follicles with a series of small superficial injections into the scalp. A package of 3 treatments is recommended. *Requires a consultation
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Natural Nails
  1. Ultra Clean Mani-Pedis
    For all of our manicures and pedicures, we use disposable tools and foot soak liners, and autoclave our non-disposable tools. Autoclave offers the highest level of sterilization. We go above and beyond what is required so that our clients can fully relax and enjoy their services without worrying about risk of infection. A good nail salon should not only take care of the appearance of your nails, but also the health and overall condition of your nails!
  2. Non-Toxic & Long-Lasting
    We love our polish line, and you will too! This is the only vegan nail care system to dry in just five minutes, and last up to three weeks. It applies and removes like a traditional polish, delivers the performance of a gel polish without the need for UV light, and strengthens natural nails in the process. As a bonus, this hypoallergenic formula is free from animal byproducts and testing as well as toxic ingredients such as formaldehyde, DBP, toluene, and camphor.